Police leave a light on campaign

Below is a copy of the letter the police are delivering with advice on keeping your home safe this winterone case you have missed it when it was delivered. 

Leave a light on campaign


Protect your home against opportunist burglars by remembering to 'lock up, lights on, keys safe' this autumn/winter.

The dark evenings can provide perfect cover for a sneak-in burglar who spots an open window in an unoccupied room; sees your valuables through open curtains or blinds; or tries their luck with an unlocked door.

The noiseband distraction of bonfire and firework celebrations also present an ideal opportunity for thieves to break into homes and each year officers to remind people to 'lockup, lights on' before heading out - even if they are only holding a display in their own garden.


Top five simple steps to help reduce the chances of your home becoming the target for a burgular


  • Always lock your doors and all windows
  • Use a timer switch to turn lights and radios on when you are out or away to give the impression that your house is occupied
  • Cloall curtains and blinds after dark so that your valuables can't be seen from outside
  • Install a visible burglar alarm - and turn itnon. If it has zones, turn on the alarm for dowstairs while you are asleep upstairs

Register your valuables for free on tha national property registration site www.immobilise.com so that if your property is lost or stolen and recovered by police, you're more likely to get it back.

Drivers are being urged to play their part too - by keeping their car keys safe and secure at all times.


  • Ensure your car keys are not left on view and are kept safe and out of sight
  • Insecure vehicles are also an easy target for thieves who often check door handles until they find a car that is unlocked and then steal any valuable items  from inside - or steal the car itself.

Police need the continued support of the local community and we would urge residents to remain vigilant and to report anyone or vehicle seen acting suspiciously when it is dark - to the police.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the local police team on:-



Tel: 101 (ext 7843 6661)