Castle Vale Ward


For the first time in forty years Castle Vale has the chance to be given its own voice and secure its own representation on the City Council. Birmingham City Council is currently undergoing boundary changes and as part of this the Council no longer has to have wards of electorate around 18,000 people. This means that Castle Vale is now big enough to have its own dedicated ward and City Councillor. This would be as a single member ward, opposed to the current 3 member Tyburn Ward.


This would give Castle Vale a Councillor who was dedicated to the local area in away the current three Labour Councillors are not. It would allow for the proper raising of Castle Vale issues and concerns with the City Council, thereby giving residents of Castle Vale a better voice within Birmingham.


This would make a huge difference to the current situation where Castle Vale is out voted by the rest of the Tyburn area, which stretches as far as Erdington Hall by Spaghetti Junction.


Clifton said “other areas get their own City Councillor. It is unfair on the residents of Castle Vale that while places like Perry Barr have had a dedicated Councillor Castle Vale has not.”


Clifton and Castle Vale Conservatives have therefore launched a campaign to secure a Castle Vale dedicated ward in the new City Council boundaries. If you want to support this please sign the petition below:-