Emery Close and Powick Road Update

I have now met with a representative of HTM, who has advised me that employees have been asked not to park on these roads. The problem is that the vehicles belong to the employees and there are no parking restrictions on these roads, so the company cannot stop them.


However, I have agreed with the manager there that if residents see a car causing an obstruction, or if anyone is eating their lunch in a car and throwing litter out of the car, they should call my office immediately on 0121 303 2015. We will then contact HTM direct and the manager will come straight over to see if it is an HTM employee.


This is obviously not an ideal solution and I am still looking at parking restrictions and asking the police to ticket where they can.


With regard to rubbish have also secured a new bin and some extra cleaning for Powick Road. I hope that this will make a difference.