Residents Parking Scheme consultation

Today (August 3rd) the final stage of the Residents Parking Consultation has started, following three years of demands for the scheme to be continued from your hard working Conservative Councillors.

This is the follow up, final stage consultation, to the previous consutlations in 2008 and 2012 which Robert, Gareth and Bob had secured from the City Council. The first stage consultation had 69% of residents in favour of a parking scheme.

Robert and Bob recently met with the officers in charge of the consultation to oversee the process and ensure it gives residents the maximum chance to take part. The details of the consultation are as follows:-

· A pack with the details will be delivered to residnets in the week commencing 17th August. This will include a freepost consultation form (the return address has to be written onto an envelope). Attached, at the bottom of the page, is a copy of the leaflet the Council will deliver.

· The deadline for residents taking part in the consultation is 9th October.

· There is a dedicated page on the City Council website were residents can also download a copy of the leaflets the Council will deliver.

· This webpage has copies of detailed maps of the areas involved for the scheme (a copy of the broad scheme is attached to this webpage). There is also an electronic form for those who wish to fill in the consultation online. Or you can fill it in by clicking this link:-

· The Council have added Dunvegan Road and Bracadale Avenue to the draft scheme and there is a special question for residents of these roads to see if they want their roads to remain part of the scheme.

· The costs of the scheme to residents would be currently £16 for the first pass (free for blue badge holders), £32 for extra passes and £3 for 5 visitor parking tickets. The Council have said that a permit is for a car not a household, ie it would be registered against a car registration, so is none transferable.

Popular local Cllr Bob Beauchamp said "Thank you to everyone who has displayed a poster supporting our campaign for residents parking, we will keep pushing the Council until such time as the scheme is delivered".

Robert added "no matter your views please do make sure you fill in the consultation to ensure you have had your say. Please remember everyone in your household is allowed to fill in the consultation and take part".


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