Robert Alden launches his Standing Up for Erdington Campaign

Since taking Control of Birmingham City Council in 2012 Labour have:-

  • Removed Erdington’s bulky waste collections
  • Charged Erdington residents £35 to collect garden waste
  • Removed 60% of Erdington’s community funding
  • Announced that 80% of Erdington's school crossing patrols (Lollipop people) will be axed.
  • announced our youth centre (Malcolm Locker) will close in september.
  • announced our Leisure Centre will close in 2017

 Meanwhile the Labour Council have increased spending on Policy officers, protected european and equalities officers and are protecting inner city wards at the expense of suburban areas like Erdington.

Robert said “enough is enough I am demanding the Council give Erdington residents a better deal”.

If you would like to back Clifton's campaign please sign the petition below to show your support.