Tackling dumped cars on Short Heath Park

Over the years dumped cars and quad bikes racing on Short Heath Park has always been an issue. That is why Robert and Bob, working with the local community secured funding a few years ago to install the fence that is now around the park. This has done a good job of stopping cars and bikes, sadly however recently the wooden sleepers around the car park have started to rot. This has allowed cars to get back onto the park. To tackle this Robert, Bob and Gareth have jumped into action and are sorting two solutions. The first is a temporary one, a mound and trench has been cut around the car park (pictured with Gareth and Bob inspecting the work) to prevent cars accessing the park. The second is to secure a fence around the car park making the site secure in the long run. This process has been taken forward and on Monday our hardworking local Councillors met with Council officers on site to discuss the new fence. Costing’s for the fence are now being arranged and the project it hopefully moving forward.  

Robert said “as we secure the funding we will update residents further, in the meantime we are determined to ensure the park remains safe and secure for users of the park, play area and outdoor gym”.